Wednesday, February 15, 2012


"The open-minded see the truth in different things; the narrow-minded see only the differences."

I am out of words today (a rarity).  Rather, I don't necessarily think I am out of words, but rather I have so many, that it is impossible right now for me to compose a stream of consciousness that wouldn't cause a state of confusion from anyone reading this.  I do, however, feel that this quote above speaks volumes for something that I have been thinking about this evening, in my life outside of mommyhood.

To apply it to mommyhood, though, I love the innocence of children and how they view the world.  There are times that the kids are both open- and narrow- minded, however it is their innocence that makes it so endearing.  Viewing the world through the eyes of a child...something I work on daily, in work and at home. 

I love the innocence and wide-eyed expression of all of my kids, as I explain aspects of life they've questioned. 
Gavin, you were so darling as you made connections and drew conclusions while we were reading before bed tonight.  I love how you utilize all of the skills and strategies that you are learning in school
Brynn, today when I asked you what you had for lunch.  You responded with, 'tater tards!'.  You.are.hilarious.
Raegan, I LOVE that you are getting better at saying, 'ma-ma', rather than calling me 'ba ba'. :) 

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