Saturday, February 4, 2012


Another day inside, relaxing and enjoying the craziness of three active little kiddies.  All day long, the kids take toys out of the bins, scatter them about, and then reluctantly put them away when I realize the mess has become too much for the space.  Their hands are always busy, always building Legos, turning something into a microphone or princess wand, or grabbing at things they shouldn't be. 

At dinner tonight, Brynn told me she wants to be an artist when she grows up (fitting), while Gavin wants to be a dinosaur scientist (he had been watching Jurassic Park).  Raegan didn't share her dreams for the future, but her fingers were busy picking up the tiny pieces of chicken and dumplings on the tray of her highchair.  I love having these conversations with the kids, hearing about their future ambitions, and hopes for a career.  Both of them change their mind frequently, which is normal, and quite endearing to hear how their current situation or surroundings encourage their thought process.  I know they'll have a million and one more potential career changes as they grow up.

Recently, I have begun noticing the times that Gavin actually holds my hand.  It's becoming more rare as he grows older, even when we cross the parking lot, he tells me he's ok walking right next to me, rather than holding my hand.  Brynn still holds my hand, but I am noticing her taking a more independent role when typical 'hand holding situations' arise.  Raegan doesn't know any better to hold my hand yet, except for when she wants to try and toddle from one place to another.  I love how her little fist grips onto just one of my fingers for dear life as her wobbly legs transport her across the living room. 

Their hands are growing far too fast, as is the rest of them.  I often wonder what those hands will do when they're grown up.  Will they heal, build, protect, create, teach, cook, and nurture?  Will their hands be the hands that help cure cancer, or build structures that will become housing on the moon?  Will they write books that entertain, have nimble athetic ability that gives younger children reason to keep practicing their favorite sport, or will they care for children and teach them to be responsible and independent members of society? 

The hands that I watch explore the world with a clumsy and curious grasp will do great things, this I know.  But for now, I enjoy those times I can hold them.  Even if the times are few and far between, the hands are sticky and filthy with markers giving them a technicolor appearance, and their fingernails are dirty and in need of a trim (didn't I just do that two days ago?!)...I will cherish their hands, for who knows the true potential they hold.

Gavin, Brynn, and, and everyday, I love the hands that have grabbed my by the heartstrings from the moment I knew you existed. 
Tiny Handprints
Author Unknown

Tiny handprints grow so fast
Their awkward groping soon will clasp
A ball, a book a sweetheart’s hand
A diploma, briefcase, a wedding band

Tiny handprints grow so strong
It doesn’t take them very long
To snap a shirt, to paint, to draw
To work hard, to drive a car

Tiny handprints grow to be
A person that is quite unique
A wonderful mix of so many things
With his own feelings, thought and dreams

Tiny handprints grow to rely
On his parents to bring him up just right
His parents pray that when he’s grown
He’ll say their job has been well done

Tiny handprints are ours to love
The sweetest gift from God above
A miracle that never is surpassed
How sad they grow up way to fast

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