Sunday, February 12, 2012

All in the name of mommy hood

This morning started out like any other weekend morning...with Raegan waking me way too early for my liking, requesting a bottle. I recognized this request by her shrieking wails. On our way down the stairs, she was cuddling her sweet face in the crook of my neck, as if to apologize for the ungodly hour on a Sunday morning. Three steps from the bottom, however, her tune changed, and she flailed backwards. Her action threw me off balance as I caught her before she fell out of my arms. My foot slipped, and my left foot caught on the step, bending my big toe back along with it. thankfully, we slid just three steps down, and I was already in the process of pulling her back toward me. The only thing that happened to Raegan was a bit of a surprise as well as bumping her forehead on my chin.

Tears instantly sprang to my eyes, but I knew that if I didn't get that bottle that tears would soon pour from Raegans' eyes, along with the shrieking wail from earlier. So, I did what any mom would do, I took care of my baby before I worried about myself. I hobbled over to the kitchen, made her a bottle, and then hobbled to the couch, where I promptly began feeding her. Once she was happily noshing away, I texted Randy, who was awake but had not heard me slip. I couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my cheeks. He brought me some ice, took the baby from my lap, and proceeded to make a few little jokes about my lack of capacity to even walk.

Two hours later, I was sitting in urgent care awaiting my X-ray reading. The result: a broken toe (duh) and hyperextended tendon. I was given a *stellar* boot that defines nothing about my fashion sense (let alone anyone with the gift of vision), a prescription for pain medication, and sent on my hobbling way. Awesome.

Since I pretty much only wear heels, save my converse on Fridays with my Miss Me jeans, I was forced to purchase a couple pairs of ballet flats to avoid walking even more like Frankenstein than I already will be.

Of course, this is an ornately busy upcoming week and weekend, which means I am needing to be on my feet even more than usual (which is already too much...just ask my chiropractor who hasn't adjusted me in far too long because my schedule makes it a near impossibility). So I'm praying that I heal quickly.

I know I sound like I'm complaining. I'm in pain and have been all day. My foot is swollen and my toe bruised, somewhat resembling a bratwurst. I will be going to work, the store, and everywhere else with an obvious gimp and a horribly unstylish boot.

But, Raegan is ok. She isn't hurt. She didn't know anything more than a little run-in with mommy's chin, which was immediately followed by the thing she needed most from me at that moment-food.

Mommy hood is hard, it's painful, it's exhausting. It leaves our bodies changed, our wallets changed, and our hearts changed. And there's nothing else in the world I'd rather do. It's worth every wrinkle, gray hair, and pain--even the most excruciating of all pain.

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