Monday, February 13, 2012

television alternative

I'll admit it, the television is more of a staple than I wish it was in our household.  The kids request to watch 'our shows' when we get home from school/daycare.  They are budding movie buffs, especially of the Disney/Pixar variety.  Sometimes, however, it becomes too much and my mom instinct kicks in to call a 'screen break'.  The kids are not always the most receptive to this idea at first, especially when it's involving nearly anything on Nick Jr.  But, eventually, they'll change their tune and more willingly participate in their alternative activity.

For dinner tonight, we ordered in, which was a beautiful thing because I was in so much pain from being on my feet way too long today, despite the doctor's orders.  Clean up was relatively quick (thank you, Randy), which left us with nearly an hour and a half before bedtime.  Since I am pretty limited in movement, we spent some time in the living room so I could rest my foot. 

And yes, we watched television.  However, in terms of what we watched, it was something that (while on television) was not typical 'television'.  We watched a recorded Maroon 5 concert.  Randy and I love the band, as their album 'Songs About Jane' reminds us of the early years of our relationship at Penn State. 

The kids are familiar with the band as well, and in fact, some of Gavin's earliest 'favorite songs' are from their body of work.  While I was relaxing with Randy on the couch, icing my injury, the kids put on a tandem concert with one of our favorite bands.

2 of the cutest guys I know...Gavin...and Adam Levine ;)

Brynn loves his voice, too :)

Meanwhile, Raegan thinks her voice has what it takes to star on the 'The Voice'

Gavin learning some moves from the cutie pie front man
While I recongize that the television isn't always the most beneficial of all activities for our family to do together, the memories it helped create tonight make up for a little bit of the mindless quality that Spongebob offers.

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  1. I used to unplug the cable coming into the house on occasion, just to create a "mandatory" break from TV, but also have those special memories of getting up on a Saturday morning and watching Captain Noah with Matt. When one of his pictures was on TV, it was a huge deal. Thanks for bringing back those memories!