Sunday, February 26, 2012

Checking in

So...I've been a bit of a slacker with my goal of blogging every day. I haven't been too much of a slacker in everything else, though. I've had good intentions, and when I would sit down to do so, either I'd be interrupted with something pertinent or my eyes would close and I'd succumb to the constant 'go go go' that is my life.

This weekend was devoted to 'us'. Randy was off the whole weekend and, aside from a date night on Saturday evening, we were all together the entire weekend. Basketball for Gavin, shared meals where we were laughing and smiling, and relaxing at home. All enjoyed in the company of each other.

Randy and I were able to enjoy a night out in Denver thanks to our fabulous babysitter. I'm trying to remember when we last did that. I guess if I can't remember, it was far too long since we had. That must become more commonplace in our world. As is the quality time we enjoyed together this weekend. I feel refreshed and revived as I begin the week and need to bottle this feeling up for those moments when I will not have such a positive outlook and things get a little overwhelming. Until then, I bask in relaxation and am heading to rest my head in the crook of my husband's arm.

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