Friday, February 3, 2012

A change of heart about snow

We had a snow day today.  Well, technically, I had a furlough day from work, but the snow storm wound up closing the district for those who weren't a part of the furlough.  The total snowfall for our area was significantly less than surrounding areas, however 10 inches of snow is still more than I care to see.  I don't like snow.  I know, I know...a friend recently pointed out that living in Colorado, what did I expect to see in winter?!?  While I realize Colorado weather is among some of the most fickle I've ever seen, the idea of freezing white flakes of miserable-ness is not necessarily on the top of my list of 'fun things'.   

In order to 'celebate' my day off work, we spent our day lounging around, napping, playing, watching television, and reading.  Sometimes you just need a day like that.  Thankfully, Randy kept the older two busy for a while down in the basement cleaning up and (making the attempt) to organize the toys.  It gave Raegan and I a good stretch of time where we could snooze together.  Bliss.


When I got home last night, it was just about the kids' bedtime, so I gave them a hug and kiss before they headed up the stairs.  Gavin was kind of devastated that he couldn't find his Eeyore.  The attachment he has to that little guy inspired me to take a picture of them together this morning.

Gavin, I love how you've developed a friendship with Eeyore that allows you to show your creativity, innocence, and true love of a special friend.

The challenge of a snow day is that we aren't even getting out of the house--or our pajamas for that matter--because of the gobs of snow that are cramping my style.  We start to go a little bananas and have to be creative to make sure the kids are getting their energy out.  Thankfully for me, Brynn has a mind of her own, and created her own mini-zumba/ballet class.
Brynn, I love your dance moves, and your free spirit.  I'm sure we'll see you on Pearl Street in Boulder in the future.
Raegan, being relatively new to the world, was in awe of the snow as it piled up and drifted on our back deck.  She spent a great deal of time this morning hanging out by the back door just observing and being curious.

Raegan, I love watching you as you try to learn about and make sense of your world.  It makes me smile when you become excited about something that I typically take for granted.  I should take the opportunity to look at the world through your lens, and recognize the beauty, awe, and wonder of everything God has created.
Gavin's basketball game has been cancelled for tomorrow, so I'm thinking we need to have another day hunkered down at home, with french toast for brunch and some chicken and dumplings for dinner.  Maybe a little candy making (s'mores!), and definitely some memory making.  The days where we have nothing we're required or expected to do except be with each other are the ones I'll treasure most as they all grow up and into their own little social lives, deciding they don't want to be hanging out with their mom all the time.  Maybe snow isn't such a bad thing afterall.

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