Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today we made our annual family day trip to the National Western Stock Show.  You would think after going year after year on the weekend, we'd learn our lesson and visit during the week, when it wouldn't be nearly as crowded (at least that's what my assumption is!).  The upside of the kids being able a little older allowed for us to keep the stroller at home, and figure we'd gauge when we should leave based on their 'whiny-ness'.  Well.  Had we followed through with our original plan, we'd have made it about 20 yards before we would have had to turn around and head for home.  Having lunch right when we arrived was a helpful distraction (albeit a ridiculously expensive one!), and then we began weaving our way around the complex.  There were so many people that at times, we all somewhat resembled the lines of cattle we watched being sent to auction.  Despite the crowds, we had a good time and got to see enough livestock to keep us at bay until next January, when we do it all again.

We're all pretty tired from the long day, so rather than type too much more, I thought I'd let some photos tell the story tonight...enjoy!

It was chilly (Brynn), but that didn't stop them from being weird (Gavin)

He loved the idea of sitting on the eagle bench (this one's for his Uncle Geoff)

Brynn posing for pictures while Daddy and Gavin watch a 'professional chainsaw carver' (?)

At the Toyota display, they were allowed to write on a van...let's hope they don't think its ok to do this with all cars!

He left his mark :)

And so did Brynn!

The video game truck...he waited patiently for almost 15 minutes to play xbox in a green pick up

A pouty Brynn no more...she has her popcorn!

Snack break

Checking out the 'sheeps' on the stockyard floor

Brynn was excited to see the 'sheeps', until she actually saw them...and then wanted to leave.  Thankfully these little lambs kept her interest for a little.

Highly intelligent animals.  Obviously.

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