Wednesday, January 12, 2011

checking in

Time to tackle another resolution.  I'm figuring this whole 'resolution' thing out (finally), after nearly 30 years.  I used to think you had to chose your resolution(s) and begin them immediately--with an immediate change in behavior.  Ok, so I didn't really think that's how it worked, but I had that mentality and longed to be one of those 'normal' people who could find success with their resolutions.  I think I'm finally getting it--either that, or I'm so overwhelmed by life that I really have no choice but to take things in stride and celebrate those successes on a smaller scale.

So celebration time for those resolutions I wrote about a few nights back...
Resolution #1--My level of stress while driving: I'd say about 50% improvement.  I'm much more cognizant of my stress level, taking a moment to breathe deep and look at the little angel that my mother-in-law bought me that is hanging from the lighter cover.  The only reason this isn't as high as I know it could be?  The snow earlier this week.  For the love...we live in COLORADO.  We see snow.  Often.  You would imagine people would have semi mastered the art of traveling in these types of conditions.  Now I'm not one of those 'I-have-an-SUV-with-four-wheel-drive-so-get-out-of-my-way' type drivers, but I do at least maintain a proper speed that allows me to keep traction.  I think I'm in the minority in this case.

Resolution #2--Drink more water.  Hmm...about 75% improvement.  I fill my plastic tumbler each morning and make it a goal to finish at least half before I get to work (any more than half and I have to stop for a potty break on the way there!).  My goal is to fill it 2 additional times during the day and I've been pretty good about it.  So...yea for me!

Resolution #3--More quality time with Randy.  Eeesh...this one is the one I'm needing to work on more.  Technically, I should be working on this now rather than writing, but I'm having a frustrating day and so I'm taking some time to decompress before going downstairs.  Mental note: set up a date night for dinner and movie (I'll be contacting my sitter soon to set this up).

So now, I have a new resolution in mind that I'm going to add to my list:

Resolution #4: Be more organized with my meal planning.  I do like to cook.  Really, I enjoy taking ingredients and creating something entirely different.  I like the fact that I'm adept enough in the kitchen that I very rarely use a recipe, despite the fact that I have someone of an addiction to recipe books...

(just some of the many cookbooks...)

(and some more...however this selection doesn't offer too many 'dinner' options!)

I take pride in knowing that I have provided my family with something yummy and relatively good for them, rather than just relying on canned ravoli and ramen (not that there's anything wrong with that...but that type of eating every night I'm sure would get old and I know isn't healthy). 

So.  Meal planning.  I'm actually not a rookie at this concept, but have found that I'm too ADD in some ways to make this an effective and consistent practice in our home.  I have a bit of dichotomy going on here, because I operate much better when I'm completely planned for things.  My school days and weeks flow more smoothly when my plan book is completely filled out, rather than having just some things and filling in the rest shortly before teaching.  My home life (i.e. cooking) seems to be less of a 'chore' when I have planned what I'm cooking.  On the other hand, life is quite unpredictable and so we don't always 'stick' to the plan.  Which can send me into a tizzy because the fresh ingredients I've purchased for that night's dinner are not needed.  And if I have the next several night's planned, I'll have to 'shift' the entire schedule.  Not normally a problem.  But I'm not really 'normal' when it comes to that.  I can't just put an arrow to 'move' things over.  I literally would take the time to re-write the entire calendar/menu so that it didn't look 'messy' (I re-write my grocery list too, if it's disorganized or has misspellings).  See?  Not normal.

Enter my newest attempt.  Post-it makes a delightful little weekly planner that I'm going to attempt to use.  If meals are (neatly) written on Post-its, they can be moved with much more ease (and a lot less paper and time than re-writing).  To alleviate my ADD with deciding what to make, I'm finally making use of those week-long and month-long meal planners I have torn out of my magazines with every intention of using.  And lastly, as I find recipes (or rather, ideas, since I generally don't use recipes) that work well, I'm going to jot them down in a fun new recipe book I purchased for myself with a gift card from a student.  This last step will help cut down on, or possibly eliminate the random pile of papers and magazine clippings that I keep in a basket on top of the microwave.  I snapped a picture of my 'new tools'...

So there.  Now I've blogged about it.  I've made it 'official' that I'm going to make progress on this goal, and will make sure that I hold myself accountable.  So, I'm sorry if you got to the end of tonight's entry thinking you'd read a funny or endearing story about the kids...I promise I'll have something better next time!

Oh yes, I neglected to mention my 'true' number 1 resolution: this blog.  I am so appreciative of the positive comments and feedback I've heard on my postings and am actually quite humbled that people find my random ramblings interesting enough to come back and read more.  I can't say that I feel I'm giving 100% toward this particular resolution, because I would ideally like to make the time to blog every day.  Not because I feel I'm all that terribly interesting, but because I enjoy writing (or typing).  I love to write and document and keep track of those little moments, those things that I want to remember and want my kids to read about when they're older.  So, to say I'm meeting my own personal goal would not be accurate, but I'm working on it :) 

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