Thursday, January 20, 2011

Princess in training (well, she might be there already)

If you don't know this by now, our darling little Brynn (B-bear as her daddy calls her), is...well...a wee bit of a princess.  I suppose she learned this from her mommy (and if you asked her grammy, she'd absolutely agree).  We try not to foster her 'fairy tale' too much, as we really don't want to end up with a ridiculously spoiled little brat.  I've been told on various occasions that we're doing a good job of keeping that from happening (phew!  it's always reassuring to hear nice things about your performance in the most challenging job we'll ever have!).

Miss Brynn fits the typical 'daddy's girl' mold, which makes it a bit of a challenge for mommy to come out smelling like roses in basically any sitatuation.  This evening, I was dutifully filling my role of 'bad cop', as I wasn't responding to Brynn's immediate request to find her 'Cin-grella' costume from Halloween (I was sort of in the middle of making dinner...but that didn't seem to phase the wee one).

Enter daddy.  In true 'knight in shining armor' form, daddy went into the storage area, went through numerous storage bins, and emerged with not only the Cinderella dress, but her jeweled hair band as well.  It was as if the heavens opened, the angels were singing, and the fairy godmother herself had presented Brynn with her dress. And with that, all was good with the world. 

Little did daddy know, I had a little trick up my sleeve to win back some affections from my 'regal' daughter.  Last night, Brynn asked me if she could have cake for dessert, most specifically her Ariel birthday cake (the one she's already placed an order for, 2 months in advance--she apparently thinks her mommy's 'business' is doing well enough that there's a waiting list).  Tears and a tantrum ensued, as Brynn didn't quite grasp the concept of time when I explained to her that her birthday was 2 months away, and that she'd have to wait.  The pouting continued, in most dramatic fashion, until I emerged from the kitchen holding a box of FunFetti cake mix that I had bought on a random pregnancy craving.  Joy! 

Crack the eggs, measure the oil, mix the batter, scoop the cupcakes, and bake.  More tears as she realized that 'bake' really means 'wait'--a word that Brynn would gladly remove from the English language.  I assured her we'd enjoy a cupcake for dessert the next night, and she was pleased enough to retreat to her 'wing of the castle' for the night.

Tonight, I took advantage of the opporutnity to gain back the adoration of my sweet baby girl, by way of a color-speckled, chocolate-frosted bribe.  Donning her Cin-grella costume and a big smile, we held a 'practice' for her upcoming (ahem, 2 months away) birthday.  And not just once.  Four times.  At her second birthday, she was sobbing throughout the 'Happy Birthday' song (just like her mom), and ran to the comfort and safety of none other than, her daddy of course.  But tonight...tonight was different.  A huge smile on her face, perfect posing for the camera, and a plethora of well-crafted wishes, Brynn was all set for her 'spotlight'.  All four times. 

Just one of the *many* photos I was able to snap at tonight's 'festivities'

I think tonight, I might be a wee bit guilty of indulging Brynn in her princess fairy tale.  But, if all it takes is a cupcake, a candle, and a's totally worth it for that adorable face.

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