Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a new little rule

'Mommy, I learned something from my gym teacher today', Gavin informed us tonight at the dinner table.  "Oh, really, what's that?" I asked him, silently applauding his fifteenth attempt at delaying the actual process of eating the vegetables on his plate.

"Be the boss of you", he replied, smiling that he remembered something from school aside from what was on the lunch menu or which kids weren't being good listeners during group.  I told Gavin that was a great lesson, one that he should listen to, as one of his favorite pastimes is to tell Brynn what he'd like her to do.  Of course after sharing this insightful tidbit of wisdom, he proceeded to monitor how many bites Brynn needed to take before she was excused from the table.  Baby steps, I reminded myself, baby steps.  Step one: he remembered the rule from school.  Step two: we work on incorporating it into our home life.  I've already decided to add this little 'mantra' to my daily routine of things I say to the kids, in addition to those other delightful phrases my mother would say that I swore I would never repeat.  (You win, mom...congratulations)

Now that the kids are in bed, the kitchen is clean, and my motivation level to work on some online training is practically zilch, I've been thinking about the message of Gavin's little rule.  'Be the boss of you'.  It would be presumptuous of me to give this rule a 'definition', because everyone can make their own personal meaning, as they should. 

One way I need to 'be the boss' of me involves a New Year's Resolution that I've made for myself, but have yet to really address (or even discuss).  Toward the conclusion of 2010, when I was driving Gavin to pre-school one day, we came up to a redlight (shocker), and I pulled out a mini notebook I keep in my purse for occasions such as these, and jotted down my brainstorm: 'make a blog', 'make amends'. 

The 'amends' I'm referring to involves a part of my family with whom I have lost touch due to various reasons, all of which I'm in the process of sorting out.  I have faith I'll get there in my own time, or rather in the time God has planned...because He ultimately has control over the timing of my resolution coming to fruition.  While I may not be in the 'amends' phase, I reflected tonight on how I've been the boss of me in this particular situation, and am pleased with my personal progress; yet realize I have a ways to go. 

I know Gavin doesn't quite grasp the whole concept of what his new little rule means, and will be making progress as he grows.  So, we're both growing, both learning, both aiming for a goal.  I never want to wish time away, but someday I want to make sure my son knows just how many times in my life he's inspired me to 'do better', 'be better', and 'live better', and he doesn't even know it.  I love the innocence of my kids...and pray that they stay that way (although, sadly, the odds are against me).

sibling love...proof for when they're older and fight non.stop

they didn't like hearing me tell them to 'be the boss of you'

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