Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brynn!

Our little girl turned 4 today,
What's happened to those years?
Bottles, diapers, crawling,
And lots of teething tears.

Now she's into Barbies,
Disney princesses abound,
To find her when she's sleeping,
Search 'neath stuffed animal mound.

She's got a personality,
As wacky as her hair,
It's crazy, cute, and frustrating,
Especially her angry stare.

When she gets a case of giggles,
It's sure to make you smile,
But when she gets upset,
She'll stay that way a while.

Brynn loves to be artistic,
She'll color all day long,
Create, explore, experiment,
And sing her favorite songs.

It's strange to think that next year,
She's heading off to school.
The hard part for her teachers,
Might be for her to follow rules.

While she listens to her daddy,
For mommy, it's half and half.
I never know what her response will be:
A tantrum or a laugh.

As trying as she can be,
Her heart's as pure as gold
We love our princess B-Bear
I can't believe you're 4 years old!!

Mommy and Daddy are so blessed to have your beautfiul spirit grace our lives each day.  Thank you for the smiles and giggles and your free-spirited soul that captures the essence of what it means to be a dreamer.  I can't begin to express how much joy I feel when I watch your response to your world.  I anticiapte amazing things for you, are such a unique and special gift!  Love you to the moon and back! 
xoxo, Mommy and Daddy

our first few moments

curiosity and love :)

pretty much the moment she began wrapping daddy around her finger
quirky, typical, wonderful Brynn

thank you, Grammy!

her response to an easel from mommy and daddy

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