Thursday, March 29, 2012

who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

This week is spring break...a blissful, relaxing time filled with high hopes for cleaning, organizing, and refreshing the house.  It's also a time to sample a bit of the freedom that summertime has to offer.  Lunches with friends, endless hours playing outside, grilling, spending an entire morning doing nothing but reading.  In other words, we're enjoying spring break. 

Today, the kids and I took advantage of not having to follow a true schedule, not to mention the gorgeous weather as we joined some of my wonderful girlfriends for lunch at a quaint little restaurant in Louisville.  As we were driving there, the older two were chattering in the back seat while Raegan snoozed in the middle seat. 

Their imaginations never cease to amaze me.  It seems that some days, they spend more time in their imaginary worlds than in reality.  Today, they decided to spend the car ride to Louisville in a pineapple under the sea.  That's right.  Spongebob Squarepants. 

Brynn suggested that they "play Spongebob".  As I contemplated the logistics of how you 'play' Spongebob, I found myself turning down Adele and tuning into to the apparent screenplay that was miraculously generated in the brief moments between suggestion and agreement to said 'game of Spongebob'.

Within these moments, it was decided that Brynn would play the role of Spongebob.  This seems fitting, if you think about the character of Spongebob.  Energetic.  Optimistic.  Naive.  Silly.  Creative.  Talkative.  Brynn fits into this role *fairly* well.

Brynn--yellow and square, as Spongebob

Gavin, sweet and loving Gavin, would play the role of Gary, Spongebob's loyal pet snail (who happens to meow like a cat).  Gary is primarily a silent partner in this duo, which is more often than not the situation in our home when Gavin and Brynn are playing.

Gavin--curled up, as Gary
Raegan was assigned the part of Patrick the Starfish, the loveable, yet slightly inept friend of Spongebob.  While I don't think Raegan is 'inept' (in fact, she's a heck of a lot smarter than any of us give her credit for!), I do understand that the older two don't see her true potential and abilities--just yet.  I was contemplating my blog post this afternoon and evening as I was cleaning/cooking/crafting (hence the pictures above).  Raegan was especially fitting into the role of Patrick today, as teething has once again taken her (all of us, really) into its evil grips until those first year molars pop through.  She spent the better part of the afternoon and evening crying, splayed out on the floor, in the shape of a starfish.  When she wasn't laying on the floor, she was pressed up against the (recently cleaned) back door, reminiscent of a starfish suctioned to the side of an aquarium.

Raegan, splayed fingers, as Patrick

Daddy was given the role of Mr. Krabs, the miserly crab who is obsessed with money.  The parallel I can draw between the cartoon and my husband does not include the words 'greedy', 'cheap', or 'bossy', which are words typically associated with the owner of the Krusty Krab.  My thoughts are the kids know that Daddy works--a lot--and when they ask why he's got to go to work, his general response involves the statement of making money.

Miss Sam, our sweet and wonderful babysitter, was cast as Sandy, who is a karate expert (however, Miss Sam is an awesome basketball player) and another one of Spongebob's good friends.  The kids adore Miss Sam, and most likely associate her with Sandy's smart, creative, loyal, and hardworking persona. (They hit the nail right on the head with that--Sam is such an awesome girl!)

That leaves the role chosen for mommy.  Anyone who is familiar with the mind-numbing, pointless, waste of 30 minutes of life that is Spongebob Squarepants knows that there is one key character missing from this little charade.  The role of the antagonist, otherwise known as Squidward.  He is an arrogant, bitter, and ill-tempered squid.  .........?


I was kind of taken aback by this assignment by my darling children, who were being driven to a yummy lunch, driven to get fitted for a tuxedo, driven to the store to get some new things for the bathroom I am redecorating for them, and then driven to Target to buy a few necessities (not to mention a stop at the Starbucks inside for a mid-afternoon treat).  A fun, and delightful day with a mommy who spent the morning reading to them, helping them with sticker books, making them breakfast, and cleaing up after their endless toy tornado.  I tried not to take too much stock in them likening me to this miserable and grumpy squid on a silly children's television show.  I tried--but I wasn't too successful.  Afterall, hadn't they been pretty spot on with the other character assignments? 
And then, bam!  They hit me with the grumpy character.  Tonight, I asked the kids why I was Squidward.  The response I heard back?  "You get mad like Squidward does".  Ouch. 

I spent a bit of time thinking about this tonight, as I was doing all the 'mom' stuff that is typical of daily life.  I have been working hard on keeping my calm and patience in check, even if we are running late (something I hate!).  I've been making sure that despite the laundry and dishes, toys and clutter that collect around the house, that I spend quality time with them as often as possible.  I've been doing all the 'mom' things in what I thought was the 'right' way.  Apparently, I have some work left to do.  My stress levels are apparent, and, as they informed me, coming across as 'angry mommy' rather than 'busy mommy who is doing her very best to be the best she can for everyone she needs to be there for'.  Sounds like a shift is necessary. 

The good news is that I still have 4 days left of spring break in which to try and shift my role.  I'm thinking that I'd like to play the role of Mermaid Man, albeit a male character, he is one of Spongebob's favorite superheroes.  What mom doesn't want to be considered that?

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