Monday, January 30, 2012

Not too busy for love

I don't love Mondays.  Especially ones that follow a weekend where I didn't accomplish what I had envisioned in my 'why-yes-you-can-do-it-all, full-time-working-mommy-of-three-young-children-whose-husband-works-ridiculous-hours-and-not-to-mention-your-job-is-a-teacher-which-of-course-requires-far-more-work-than-just-the-normal-hours-of-the-school-day-(let's not get started on the pay...)' world. 

Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit on the overwhelemed side, as conferences approach this week, course work for a class I'm taking requires my attention no later than 'Wednesday, February 1st at 10:05 a.m.', my laundry has apparently multiplied like rabbits in spring, and I have this ridiculous ideal that my body requires at least 6 good hours of sleep.  Someone needs to fill Raegan in on that last one, since she is about a light a sleeper as her dad is a snorer.  (seriously, Breathe Right?  earplugs?  the couch?  something...)

Amidst my obvious tensions (and the killer headache I'm currently battle in order to type this, I find solace in three little souls who gave me smiles and hugs, tears and (additional) frustrations today.  Even if Brynn decided to use foul language at daycare, Gavin convieniently *dropped* the food on the floor that he needed to eat before being excused from the table, and Raegan shrieked with such a shrill tone that dogs from surrounding neighborhoods came running in hopes of some sort of treat.

I still love everything about them.

I love that you can work together with minimal fighting.  If it had been me with my brothers at that age, it would have been World War 3

I love that up until very recently, you had no concept of this thing called a 'bedtime snack'.
Sure, I was kind of sad about having to share the ice cream treats, but my waistline thanks you!

I love that you love me much that you simply cannot bear to be more than a few short inches away from me. all.night.
(even though I'm sarcastic about this, I do really love this...because someday, you'll want no parts of me...)

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