Monday, January 30, 2012

No time like the present

I saw this quote on a plaque this weekend while I was browsing the aisles of the hobby store in search of anything and everything 'cupcake' and 'pink' for a certain almost-4-year-old's birthday party.  The ironic part is I had just finished telling Brynn to be silent so that I could focus on what I was looking for.  This, of course, was a response to her seemingly non-stop chatter about the different items she saw (and, ultimately, wanted) for her party.  Key word: her party. 

Why did I go into the hobby store with the idea that I was the party planner?  Obviously, I recognize that Brynn is a miniature version of me (lord, help me), and therefore has her own vision of a celebration of Pinkalicious in her mind.  In fact, earlier in the day, while making her guest list, she informed me that I was invited because I was 'the best maker of her cake'.  Well, there you have it.  Nothing more than hired (ahem, free) help. 

Randy and I have the good fortune of having our kids' birthdays in March, April, and May.  As spring transforms Mother Nature, so our kids are transformed into a new phase of their lives.  It's an emotional realization for me, as when it's all finished, I'll have a 6, 4, and 1 year old (I'm avidly avoiding the whole concept of Raegan turning one.  Afterall, I do have a few more months of 'baby'). 

As I read the quote in the hobby store, it was as if God was ringing my doorbell to remind me to get out of my 'grown up brain' and move back towards my 'kid brain'.  Obviously, with my sparse postings during this past month (which was, ultimately supposed to be my springboard back into more consistent blogging...), I have been somewhat overwhelemed by life.  No excuses, no specific reasons, just a lack of prioritizing on my part...and several stark reminders that time slips away faster that we'd like (Gavin's first report card, Brynn organizing/planning the 'tea party' we had tonight while the boys were at the Nuggets game, selling several 'baby' things since Raegan is now too big and too old for them). 

Being a mom has broadened my perspective of the full range of life, however it is that full range of life that can, at times, cloud my vision and decrease my awareness of the daily celebrations of my children. 

February is a month devoted to love.  As February begins this week, I am making a 'mom goal' to recognize something new that I love about my kids each day.  Not the 'obvious' love, but the little things, the things that, on a typical day, would make me smile or smirk, but not give me cause to record or state out loud.  The kids know I love them, but I want them to know what I love about them. 

Starting tonight...
Gavin, I love how you're not afraid to try different sports

Brynn, I love how sweet you are to your little sister (to be honest, I was worried)

Raegan, your facial expressions and personality make me smile even when I'm at my wit's end

And, Randy...never, never could I ask for a better daddy for our kids.  I love you for that.

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