Friday, December 31, 2010

a never-ending circle

December 31, 2003...

The weather was cold, freezing even, but it didn't matter.  I was wearing a matching red cami and skirt with a slit so high, you would only see on me nowadays if I completely 'biffed' and tore my outfit.  My 'coat' was nothing more than a thin black cardigan...nothing too heavy that would impact my drink-holding or 'dancing' for the evening.  My stilletos added an extra 4 inches at least to my nearly 6 foot stature; but being on the arm of a guy who stands at 6'9" made it ok to be that tall.  We were heading out for a fun NYE celebration...but at the time I had no idea what Randy had in store for me.

Prior to heading out to celebrate...Randy had a secret!

As we were celebrating and waiting for the countdown to midnight, Randy set his plan into action.  During one of my potty breaks, he managed to chat with the deejay and make the arrangements to have the microphone and 'center stage' on the dance floor.  My best friend Jill was in on the secret, and was vital in making sure that I'd get out onto the dance floor (after all, I was standing at 6'4", wearing all red, and am very obviously a 'white girl from Philly'--dancing isn't my forte). 

Returning to the crowd, I was obvlivious to the 'attack' I was about to ensue.  The deejay gave his 'cue' to Randy and he suggested we head to the dance floor.  An empty dance floor wasn't the most promising environment for me to maintain my image as an innocent by-stander simply wanting to enjoy the crowd, the drinks, and the celebration at midnight...but I relented. 

As we reached the center of the dance floor, I turned to see my 'so-called-best-friend' had abandoned me and was standing in wait amongst the crowd that was encircling the 'floor o' embarassment'.  As I turned back to Randy to suggest getting another drink rather than dance, my eyes did not find his face.  I knew from experience at which angle my head needed to be tilted in order to see him, however he wasn't there.  Quickly I realized that he was kneeling (internal monologue: "Tying his shoe, maybe?  no...his shoes didn't have laces.  Is he really drunk and going to fall over? no...we haven't been here that long and he's only had 2 or 3 drinks.  Did he drop something?  yes, maybe he dropped something.  Get up, Randy!  I look ridiculous standing here like an over-sized plastic stake from my childhood croquet game!")

But no, he didn't drop anything.  In fact, he found something.  In one hand, he found the 'on' button for the microphone he was holding, and from the depths of his pocket, he removed a box.  A small, black velveteen box with a hinged lid.  His head lifted in my direction as he opened the box and turned on the mike.  I was speechless (no small feat, for those of you who know me well!)

Randy introduced us each to the crowd (goodbye role of 'innocent by-stander') and spoke about how love is like a cirle, a never-ending ring...just like the ring he was displaying for me.  I'd love to say I remember each word he said, but of course my mind was racing (as was my heart), and unfortunately he didn't write it down, like we did our wedding vows.  But, in the end, I nodded my acceptance to his proposal and he relayed that to the crowd as an overwhelming 'yes'.  The ring was slipped onto my finger, and the celebration began (or, rather...continued). 

With much thanks to my dear friend, Jill...we have photos to capture the memory of that evening.  The only downside of the documentation is the physical evidence that I once had a flat and toned tummy that I willingly (and apprarently, proudly) showed off.  *sigh*

And thus began our 2004...and our life 'together'.  We continued celebrating and rang in the new year as 'the future Mr. and Mrs. Conley'.  It seemed so strange at the time, and what's strange now is that it's been seven years since that night, yet I can close my eyes and it seems like it could have been last month.  When I open my eyes however, I look around and see what these past 7 years have become. 

We've been through a lot...not just a long-distance relationship prior to our engagement, but a long-distance engagement (for a while at least), moving 1700 miles away from *home* not just two days after returning from our honeymoon, two new jobs, a new puppy, the surprise of our first pregnancy, purchasing our first home, renovations within the home, the birth of our second child, adopting another dog (as well as a cat), x-rays and broken bones, the unexpected loss of Randy's dad, our third pregnancy, and the countless memories we've created in the midst of the 'madness' of life. 

As we happily announced our engagement on New Year's Day to part of my family, this photo was taken:

I can only help but notice how young and innocent we were.  We had no idea what our future held, but we knew we were in it together.  Add a few pounds, a few wrinkles, and a few gray hairs...(yes, I'll admit it, it's me!), and we still don't know what our future holds, but we know we're in it together. 

Seven years ago tonight, the word 'yes' changed the course of my life in ways that I can only begin to describe as fantastically, amazingly indescribable (yes, it's a bit oxymoronic--get over it).   Love to my hubby tonight and every night...and here's to yet another amazing year with you by my side!  I love you!...

...Ya goof ball ;)

Happy New Year everyone!!!  Wishing you a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year!!

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