Friday, December 24, 2010

ode to oscar

This evening, I reminded the kids that this will be the last night Oscar (our Elf on the Shelf) goes back to the North Pole to report to Santa, because tomorrow night, he will be riding back on the sleigh with Santa after he’s dropped off their presents.  Shockingly enough, both their plates were cleared at dinner, they were relatively nice to each other, and I had zero arguments as they went up to bed.  Randy and I (well, I) am relieved in a way that I don’t have to remember to make sure our ‘little buddy’ is in a new spot each day, since there have been about 7 times this year that I woke in a panic in the middle of the night, run down the stairs, and moved him quietly in case the kids came downstairs before me in the morning.  One less thing in my nightly routine!  However…Randy and I have realized the *beauty* of this creepy little creature and are somewhat sad to see him go.  So, tonight, I dedicate my post to him…

From Thanksgiving night until Christmas Eve,
You’ve lived in our home, and at night you would ‘leave’.
Up to the North Pole, to report to the boss,
To list who was naughty, who deserved a present loss.

After the kids have been tucked in their beds,
Mommy’s been forced to think with her head.
To remember the places that you’ve hidden before,
To find a new place, with surprises in store.

Then in the morning, the kids would awake,
They dash down the stairs to see which spot you would take.
All day you would sit there, with your creepy little eyes,
Playing the role of one of Santa’s spies.

You made sure they behaved, you kept them in line,
Your presence was noted, you were somewhat of a shrine.
When they were naughty, they were sorry and sad,
Your disappointment meant more than their mom’s or their dad’s.

“Oscar is watching” is what we would say,
And suddenly tears and fighting vanished away.
But when they were good, oh, you’re the first that they told,
To make sure Santa knew their halos were shiny and gold.

Their excitement is building, as is our fear,
For Christmas means presents, but you’ll be gone for a year.
Packed away in the storage, among garlands and lights,
We’ve lost our leverage, who will settle the fights?

We’ll miss you, dear Oscar, you creepy old elf,
The house won’t be the same without you on the shelf.
You’ve served this family well, you’ve brought us some peace,
Rest up and enjoy, because next year, the family will increase!

Farewell Oscar!

our faithful holiday companion perched on holiday decor

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