Sunday, August 21, 2011

The night before school...

'Twas the night before kindergarten, and I just packed his lunch.
A sandwich, an apple, and some crackers to munch.
Gavin's all nestled and snug in his bed,
I tucked him in tight, placed a kiss on his head.
I smiled and gave him an extra-big squeeze,
My eyes filled with tears and he said, "mom...geeze!"
It's hard to believe that he's ready for school,
Wasn't is just yesterday I was wiping his drool?
I know he'll still need me for all sorts of things,
But he's growing up and is spreading his wings.
He picked out his backpack and lunchbox to boot,
"This is what's cool, mom", he said.  When did he become so astute?
A whole batch of friends, he's certain to make,
There's reading and writing and math tests to take.
Long gone are the days of playtime and naps,
He'll add and subtract and learn to read maps.
And before you know it, he'll be smarter than me,
"You're don't know what you're talking about, mom, don't you see?"
But for now I'll enjoy my sweet little boy,
Who still needs his mommy and his Eeyore stuffed toy.
I know we've raised him well during these first five years,
But that doesn't mean that I won't shed some tears.
As the morning approaches when I leave him at the door,
My heart is so heavy, that it drags on the floor.
He told me tonight, "don't cry mom, it's ok"
He's excited and can't wait to start the school day.
The first five years have flown by far too fast,
But I know that tomorrow, he'll have such a blast.
So, my sweet Gavin, as you begin this next phase,
Know that mommy loves you in so many ways.

Good luck, buddy! You'll be amazing!

Five years ago...seems like the blink of an eye

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