Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wait, what was I writing about?

I had a post in mind as I woke up this morning (at the *glorious* hour of 7:00 a.m.--thankyousoverymuchRaegan!).  I wanted to sit down in the quasi-quiet of a weekend morning, accompanied by the background noise of Saturday cartoons and crunching cereal (the kids choose that option so they can snuggle in on the couch with their bowls.  open containers of milk outside the boundaries of the mop-able kitchen floor are an obvious 'not gonna happen' in our house, as is the case in any household with children, I'm sure).  I wanted to sit for a few minutes and record some thoughts and memories from this past week, adding to the collection of posts for my kids.

My Keurig just finished brewing a big cup of hazelnut deliciousness, and I had a big bowl of fruit and granola, and the unmistakable sound of cartoons and crunchy cereal was filling the family room.  I padded into the office, took comfort in the leather office chair, and within a few clicks and keystrokes, a blank canvas eagerly awaited my words, like a coffee cup eagerly awaits to be filled with the delicious elixir of life for  (which reminds me...I need to go brew another cup)

The scene was set for a quick few minutes of stolen time, precious minutes where I could be *alone* and clear my head of the ideas I had for my post before getting ready for the day and weekend.  And that's when I remembered.




Although they just happened, I have essentially no recollection of the timeline of the events that disrupted my writing.  All I know is that it's an hour and a half past when I first saw that blank screen, and to be perfectly honest, I have no flipping clue what the hell it was that I wanted to write about when I woke up at 7:00.

What I can tell you about this morning is this:
I cut strawberries.  An entire patch-worth.  I poured milk into sippy cups, and more milk when those sippy cups were empty.  I cleaned up a bowl of dried cereal that *magically* fell all over the floor.  I chased the dogs back into the crate 2 times, because they were annoying the kids as they tried to eat--nevermind that they were the ones who let them out in the first place).  I responded to a cry for help on a game on the i-Pad that left me hunched, randomly prodding colorful stimuli on the screen in the fashion of a chimpanzee trying to figure out a rubix cube, only to be told 6 embarrassing minutes later that she was 'bored' with the game and would just play something else.  I fed my toddler nearly my entire bowl of fruit and granola (even though she had her own bowl of crunchy cereal--and two bowls of strawberries.  Scratch that.  She had one bowl of strawberries and one bowl that she graciously smeared on our couch--only the lighter colored pillows of course--before feeding to the dogs).  I broke up a fight that involved one child calling another child 'poop'.  Speaking of that, I put a toddler into her diaper 6 times.  I chased a naked toddler around the couch 4 times.  I'm currently washing 2 parts of our couch because the diaper-less toddler who has randomly decided to self-potty train this week peed *all* over them.  And not just peed...the 'Mighty Mississippi' has got nothing on her.  I put the toddler back into her diaper for a seventh time, only to hear the unmistakable sound of the tabs being loosened just as I settled back down into the office chair for the 85th time today.  I threw my hands up in defeat and let the naked toddler win, figuring that I have enough cleaning products to take care of where ever her next accident may be (and, if not to clean up the accident, at least the fumes might give me a little bit of reprise from the madness that is my life!--I'm totally need having my kids read this someday thinking that's how their mom sought sanity!  <it's called wine, kids.  wine is where mommy seeks sanity!>).  I made 3 cups of coffee, and therefore went to the bathroom twice (and not on the couch, thank you very much!).

And so, two hours after I sat down to write whatever the hell it was I had to say, my body is exhausted, my mind is scrambled eggs (mmm...sounds good after giving my breakfast away), my washer signal is beeping, and my day is *only just beginning*!  Oh, yeah...and my toddler is still naked.  Excuse me while I go on a scavenger hunt for piddle puddles.

Happy Saturday!  Here's just a few smiles to get me through...

no caption needed.

mission: accomplished

this is for any mom...not just us SAHMs!!
*and in the time it took me to upload these...I already have a puddle waiting for me by the front door!  (maybe if I keep typing, hubs will take over and clean this one up....)

(hey kids!  have you seen mommy's cleaning supplies?!)

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