Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The magic of 4

Brynn helped me cook dinner the other night.  She 'made' the rice...

She 'cut' the canteloupe...

And she enjoyed eating dinner more than she ever has before (or so she says)...

We sat down to dinner, around an hour later than my original plan...operating in 'summer' mode + having Brynn 'help' in any capacity = an inevitable delay in achieving your goal.  Brynn proceeded to inform everyone at the table of what she made (she also microwaved the peas, helped put the cut strawberries and blackberries into the bowl, and set the table...all things she later was annoyed at me for not documenting on camera), and then proceeded to say, "Mommy, you're welcome for making dinner" (followed by everyone else at the table).  She chattered the entire meal about how hard it was to make each thing, how much work she did, the steps involved in those steps, etc, etc, etc.  She chattered, and rambled, and chattered some more...checking in to see that everyone enjoyed each component of the meal as if she were the chef in a four-star fine dining establishment.  Randy and I exchanged amused glances throughout the entire meal (as we often find ourselves doing when Brynn pretty much does, well, anything.

I wish I could experience life through Brynn's eyes--just for one day.  I don't know that I could take more, or begin to comprehend more than that.  The other morning, she was in the nursery, keeping Raegan occupied while I took my time waking up and getting started for the day (have I mentioned I love the laziness of a summer morning?!).  She was talking to Gavin and said, "Gavin, I licked Raegan, and she tasted like glass".  Really?  Glass?  Of all things, glass?  She's a toddler...she most likely tastes like dirt, or milk, or some sort of a questionable sugary and most likely sticky item--syrup, lollipop, cookie, etc.  But no, in Brynn's world, she tastes like glass. 

There are times when I wish I could afford to keep a camera rolling on Brynn 24/7.  I always thought I'd be better at documenting all the funny things my kids say and do...and I am trying to do so with the blog...but with Brynn, I would need to hire an assistant to follow her around all day long (or, the assistant would do my housework, cooking, etc. so I could experience Brynn's world full force).

A parent of one of my former students once told me that there's nothing like the 4-year-old phase.  I figure he's a good resource, seeing as how he has six children.  As we're raising Brynn, I'm beginning to wonder if she's going to spend more time than the average child in the '4-year-old' phase.  I know she's only 4 for one year, but I feel like she's one of those kids who will eternally see the world through 'kid eyes'--even into adulthood.  In some ways, I sure hope so...because I know that she'll create magic in whatever she does, but in other ways, the 'mom' side of me fosters a bit of apprehension at the thought, knowing that the world she's going to grow up will be placing many demands on her.  Either way, I know she's going to thrive, succeed, kick some tush, and look adorable while doing so.  I mean, really, who can resist those curls?! :)

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