Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy birthday, Gavin :)

Six years ago tonight, Randy and I were holding our newly born and swaddled baby boy, slightly yellowish, squished face, with an oddly shaped head courtesy of a lengthy and, at times, tense delivery.  We had pretty much no idea what in the world we were to do with this tiny little munchkin, sleeping soundly with his white cap and blue puff, denoting to the nurses that he was in fact a handsome baby boy :)
newborn and exhausted
Fast forward (literally...where the hell did the time go?!?!) six years and two little sisters later, and Gavin is 11 days away from being finished with his kindergarten year. 

I normally don't buy into the whole concept of horoscopes and numerology...mainly find it a source of entertainment  to read when I have some free time ( Anyhow, I looked into the significance of the number 6 tonight.  The first sentence was pretty much all I needed and cared to read.  It said, "The number six is perhaps more complex than the numbers that are under it, in that it can disguise itself, within itself."  I find irony in this statement, most specifically as we enter into this new phase of parenting a six year old.  No longer does he feel like he fits into the mold of a 'kindergartener' (while they attend school, there's something about 'kindergarten' that still keeps the 'kid' in mind).  Now he's breaching into territory of bikes without training wheels, wanting handheld video games, understanding sarcasm (and using it), standing up for what he believes in (more than ever), and countless other things that remind me constantly that he is growing into a complex and intricate individual who is a perfect mix of both Randy and me--both the good and the bad. 

It's scary to realize all the things that we're having to encounter now that he's been in school for a year, being around kids from varying backgrounds and belief systems.  Teaching him to make good choices as he navigates through the big big world of school and all its social intricacies.

It seems like I was just snapping photos of his every move and facial expression as he slept in the crook of the couch, watching him learn to crawl and giggle, count and walk.  I remember his first time tasting baby food, and his little bare tush waiting patiently at the edge of the tub waiting to splash and play in the bath.  Our biggest worries for him were teaching him colors, the sound a cow makes, and how to put on his shirt.  He loved his bottle and his binkie, but like a good boy, he gave them up at age 1 as mommy requested.  Always a pleaser, he smiled for the camera from an early age (good thing, since I'm like the paparazzi with all of my kids), tasted whatever food we put in front of him, and has always been outstanding at entertaining himself if mommy and daddy are having a conversation with other adults.  An ideal little boy, in not just my opinion, but from my dear friends (and strangers) who have told us so. 

We are so very blessed to have such an amazing and beautiful little boy.  It's been the best six years of our lives being his mommy and daddy (now mom and dad, since it's 'cooler').  I know that this transistion from 'little boy' to 'kid' will be a tricky one to navigate, but the confidence we have in his character and his personality will be the key to keeping our sanity a little more under wraps.

Happy birthday, are the best way for daddy and I to have been thrown into the trenches of parenthood.  Thank you for your beautiful soul and reminding me every day what a miracle you are.

napping with Grandpa :)

one of my favorite faces!

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