Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inspired to LOVE

This morning, as my alarm broke the silence of my peaceful--albeit short--night of recuperating sleep, I said a quiet and short little prayer that when I peered through the blinds, I'd see that our trusty weather people had accurately predicted the forecast.  I knew it was a long-shot, and that the next sound I'd hear from my phone wouldn't be one of my colleagues calling with good news, but rather from the second alarm I set on my phone as a 'just in case'. 

As much as I didn't want to, I exited the warm cocoon of my bed to peek through the blinds.  As predicted, the snow dance I assigned for *extra* homework didn't work, and I crawled back in bed for a glorious 10 extra minutes of 'me' time, before the second alarm began blaring. 

Of course, now, I couldn't seem to find that magical little pocket of time between asleep and awake; the time when you can fall back into the dream you left behind in the violent wake of a ringing alarm.  Instead, I rolled over to turn on my phone and check my email. 

One of my emails was a notification from a blog that I follow, GraceFULL Home.  The blog is written by two amazing women.  They are both moms of students where I teach, and I've had the priviledge of teaching two of Amy's three children (if you count directing them in drama club, I've worked with all three of them, as well as had the opportunity to have Jen share her talents in photography when she shot portraits and candids of my cast).  I've enjoyed reading their blog, as they both provide inspirations for developing and strengthing my faith and relationship with God.

This morning, I read an entry written by Amy entitled "How Well Do You Love?".  I had never read that variation of 1st Corinthians 13 before, but immediately began drawing parallels with my own life.  Of course, there are parts of that version that don't yet apply to my life, which is why I was inspired by the challenge Amy presented, in re-writing a version that reflects where I am in my life now.  Despite the non-stop pace of this day (and so many more before it, as well as those to come), I found myself thinking about this post.  The hour is late, the science tests that rode home with me sit unscored in my work bag, and the laundry needs switched (sidebar: the washer buzzed just as I typed that...a little extra reminder from God, since laundry is, in my opinion, the worst.chore.ever.??).  All of these factors aside, I feel compelled to take on this challenge tonight.  I know it won't be my 'ideal', but that illustrates just how organic motherhood and womanhood can be--tomorrow, this whole thing could be different.

Here goes...

I can sing the theme song to Spongebob and recite The Little Mermaid by heart, but without love, I am merely a car alarm going off during naptime.

I can change the diaper of a squirmy baby in ten seconds flat while watching a three year old's impromptu dance routine and listen to my five year old read a book for his homework  I can chop veggies so fine they can't pick them out of the sauce, while making a grocery list complete with a stack of neatly trimmed coupons.  I can hold a conversation with a magical fairy princess and a Storm Trooper from Star Wars while tossing a football and blowing bubbles, but without love, I am nothing.

Love is patient while listening to the minute-by-minute account of a fight, told by a frustrated child who wants validation in their decision to show their anger toward their sibling with their fists.

Love is kind even when I'm overwhelmed and exhausted, and I've heard 'moooommmmy....?' for the three thousandth time in the tone is nuturing and calm.

It does not envy the mommies who somehow have time to work out, have standing pedicure appointments, or a wardrobe from stores I can only dream of shopping in...but trusts the Lord to provide me with my own joys and pleasures as 'treats' for myself.

Love does not brag about the blessings which have been bestowed upon us.  Love rejoices in the blessings God bestows upon our friends and family.

It does not boast, when I've come home from a full day of work to prepare a healthy and well-rounded dinner for my family when my husband's 'chef's special' incorporates peanut butter and jelly with bread.

Love is not rude, even when other customers at the grocery store are oblivious to the family circus I am trying to keep under control, and run into my children with their cart in an attempt to be first in the check out line (despite the screaming baby in my carseat)

It does not immediately seek after glory after I've unloaded the dishwasher, or folded the laundry.

It is not easily angered by other drivers who *love* to drive in my blind spot, or by an endless slew of red lights on mornings I'm already running late and evenings I

It does not delight in evil when I'm obviously right, but rejoices in the truth...that I was right. (room for growth...I know!)

Love does not give up hope when you're supporting your best friend through the fight of her life.

It always trusts God to watch over my husband when he's driving in the middle of night on limited sleep, to keep my children safe when I can't be there or can't put my 'mommy bubble wrap' around them.  It always perseveres...through 3 kids in 5 years, thousands of miles from family, non-traditional work schedules, crying babies and tears, angry outbursts and tragic loss.

Love never fails.


  1. Hey Erin, can we repost this on our blog? Love it! I think I need to rewrite them too!

  2. LOVE it Erin! Your version is amazing...thanks for sharing!