Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seussify my life

I am mom.  Mom I am.

That Mom-I-am, that Mom-I-am,
I did not like that Mom-I-am!
When I cannot run the fam.

Do you want to run the fam?
I do so want to run the fam,
I do so, do so Mom-I-am.

Would you, could you by yourself?
I have to, have to by myself!
Not all the time, just when he's gone,
The double-duty can make me yawn!

Would you, could you when you're sick?
I have to, have to when I'm sick!
Would you, could you have a job?
I have to, want to have a job!

You have a job and run the fam?
Yes I do, Mom-I-am!
My schedule's packed, my house a mess,
The laundry pile has me stressed.
I try to keep my mood in check,
Even when I am a wreck.

Could I, would I read a book?
Could I, would I bake and cook?
Do I want to fold the clothes?
I do not like to fold the clothes!
Could I, would I play a game?
Could I, would I help write a name?
Do I like to scrub the tub?
I do not like to scrub the tub,
I'd rather have a nice foot rub.

Do you want to run the fam?
I do so want to run the fam,
I do so, do so Mom-I-am!

There's lots to do as moms, you see
Especially when there's children--three!
Your time is precious, your temper, short.
You make up for it by building a fort.
Mac and cheese will win their heart,
Bath, book, and cuddles--each do their part.

That Mom-I-am, that Mom-I-am,
I'm angry at that Mom-I-am.
I'm angry when I loose my cool,
In the morning, on the way to school.
It starts the day in a negative way,
My heart and conscience have to pay.

The day was long and filled with stress,
I was a 'bad mom', I must confess.
The good news is my kids forgive,
I'll do my best so we don't relive.

I am mom, Mom I am.
Tomorrow I will run my fam.
I will not let my stress run me.
I will be strong, you'll see, you'll see.

Would you, could you run your fam?
I GET to, GET to Mom-I-am!

~For my kiddies...mommy's so sorry she lost her cool this morning.  You're little and loving.  You're just kids.  You're trying to help and for that I love you more than the moon!  Thank you for being so sweet and adorable when I picked you up today.  I loved our evening, and our bed time book.  The memories are precious to me!  Sweet dreams, my loves...xoxo...mommy

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