Sunday, June 5, 2011

30 years

I'm 30 years old.  (Well, tomorrow, June 6th, I'm 30--but when you're talking 30 years, what's one day?)  My dear, dear friend whom I've known since I was really young text me today (and posted on my facebook as well) that she isn't sure who's struggling more with this milestone that I've reached--me or her.  I'm the oldest out of our little 'group' (there are three siblings in her family and three in mine), and we spent a lot of time together growing up.  As we reach these little milestones...birthdays, graduations, weddings, buying houses, having our own kids...we are reminded of the rapid pace at which life is passing along.  While I wouldn't trade where I am in my life right now, there are times I wish I could go back and visit that time in my life for a while, just to enjoy the carefree attitude (and the summers filled with rummy, diet cokes, frozen snickers and reese's cups all poolside weren't too bad either!). 

Today, on my last day of my twenties, we took the kids to a park and just enjoyed the gorgeous Colorado weather.  As I watched my kids run around and play, I started thinking about what I'd write about this evening.  I figured what better way to ring in 30 with the beginning of my bucket list.  I know that 30 isn't the end of the world, it's not even the beginning of the end, but I'm thinking it's never too early to set some goals.  So, in honor of 30 years, here are 30 things I'd like to accomplish before I leave this earth...

1. Watch my kids graduate from high school, and more importantly, college (maybe even Penn State?)
2. Travel to Italy and Greece
3. Open a little bakery
4. Travel back to PSU with my family to show our kids where their mom and dad met and fell in love
5. Own a fabulous and ridiculously expensive pair of heels
6. Visit Chicago, Boston, San Fran, and Seattle
7. Take our family to Disney World
8. Write a book, and have it published
9. Get a motherhood tattoo
10. Become blond (or blond-ish), even if just for a short while
11. Climb a 14-er
12. Learn to ski
13. Become a grandmother (in at least 20-25 years!)
14. Learn to salsa dance with Randy
15. Go on a cruise
16. Ride in a hot air balloon
17. See the Grand Canyon--from the bottom
18. Have (and complete) a happiness project
19. Learn to say 'no' without feeling guilty
20. Become a yoga instructor
21. Go to Vegas
22. White water raft
23. Go to the Kentucky Derby (hat and mint julep included!)
24. Write a letter to each of my children, telling them what I want them to know about my life and the lessons I've learned
25. Walk a runway in a fashion show
26. Swim with dolphins
27. Attend a World Series game
28. See Lifehouse perform "You and Me" (our wedding song), live (with Randy, of course!)
29. Tour the White House
30. Set foot in all 50 states

Cheers to me...and turning 20-teen!

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  1. I've completed 9 items on your list! Happy Birthday!!! If you can guess three, you win a prize! :) Thanks for the Li'l Giraffe pictures! So precious!! You are blessed!