Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Witching Hour

Raegan is such a good little baby.  She's easy going, isn't overly fussy, is starting to become entertained by the world going on around her, loves her bouncy seat, and is on a great little sleep schedule. 

Unless is happens to be the 'witching hour'...

Right about the time when I'm needing to rely on her easy-going, easily-entertained, and good-little-sleeper personailty, she becomes demanding.  Needy.  Clingy.  Sad.  Beyond annoyed.  Totally inconsolable. 

This makes it virtually impossible for me to accomplish tasks without going slightly crazy.  Making dinner?, eating dinner?, cleaning up from dinner?...all genereally require two hands.  Spending quality time with Gavin and Brynn?  Changing them into their jammies?  'Cuggling' and reading a bedtime story?...not so 'special' when there's a screaming baby requiring walking, bouncing, 'shushing', dancing, and anything and everything you can think of to keep her content. 

I am beyond thankful that none of my children have had colic, and applaud all the mommies and daddies and older siblings of babies who go through it.  I am beyond thankful that Raegan apparently doesn't realize that every evening offers the opportunity for the 'witching hour' to take place, and that we've experienced it just a few times in Raegan's 6 weeks of life.

I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to experience the 'witching hour' with my baby girl, and that despite her inconsolable nature at times, that she can occassionally find solace in my arms...

...although I might not be beyond thankful for the permanent look of exhaustion that my face carries.

And, on night's like tonight...when I have had two and a half solid hours of 'the witching hour' all while trying to make dinner, clean up the kitchen, and give Gavin and Brynn the attention they require and deserve...I am beyond thankful for moments like this:

Now it's time for mommy to get some sleep!!

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